Teens Dating Education

The time when your teenager is getting ready to start dating can be stressful for many parents.

After all, it’s going to be a new experience for them and one that they need to be prepared for.

As a parent, it’s your job to make sure they get the right information about dating so they stay healthy and happy as they add a new dimension to their social life.

When talking to your teens about dating, use these tips to make sure they learn the basics and feel comfortable on their own.

Focus on Respect and Manners

Dating is a social dance – a way people choose to spend time with one another.

Teaching the basics of how to date – to talk to your date, get to know them and treat them how you want to be treated is important.

It’s also essential that you teach your teens to recognize when a relationship isn’t right so they don’t end up in a bad situation.

Talk About Sex

Having the sex talk with your teens isn’t always going to be comfortable, but chances are you’ve already discussed the basics or they’ve learned them in sex education classes at school.

When it comes to dating it’s more important that you talk to your teens about being safe and listening to their inner voice.

Not all teens feel ready to have sex, even if there is pressure to do so.

Make sure your boys know that having sex doesn’t make them a man or cool, and teach your girls that having sex before they’re ready isn’t necessary to enjoy a social life.

Keep Communication Open

When your teens start dating they may face confusing situations. It’s important that they know they can talk to you.

Yes, you’re their parent, but that means you’re there to help them find their way.

Make sure you know that you’re on their side and just want them to do well in life, and that includes in the dating world.