Remain Safe While Dating Potential Strangers

While dating can be a lot of fun, the prospect of meeting up with strangers may make you nervous. However, there are some safety tips you can follow to keep the dates fun without exposing yourself to potential harm.

Meet in Public and Stay There

No matter how charming and disarming your date may seem online or on the telephone, you should insist your first meeting should be in public. If you are worried that strangers would not protect you if the encounter goes south, you can also request to bring a friend.

If you bring a friend, you should of course request your date do the same. If the date goes well, don’t make the mistake of moving to a private location. For the first few meetings, there is no need for your date to know the locations of your work or house.

Use a Throwaway Email Address at First

You don’t want unknown dates having the email address you’ve used since high school. Changing it would be a pain and you could be stalked relentlessly if the date goes badly. Use a throwaway account for all correspondence until you get a better feel for your potential suitor.

Don’t Leave Your Drink or Food Unattended

While chances are slim that your date would tamper with your food or drink, it’s always a possibility. Don’t leave these items unattended with your new date. Visit the restroom before you are served. If you do forget and leave your drink, ask for a fresh one when you return and ignore the original.

Make Sure You Aren’t Followed Home

To keep the location of your home private, take a more circuitous route after the date. Stop by the local deli, pick up your mail at the post office or drop by a friend’s house before going home. Keep your eyes on your rear-view mirror and make sure no one is following you.

Dating strangers can be a fun and exciting way to make new friends or maybe find that someone special. These safety tips will help you avoid stalkers and other unsavory types so you can focus your energies on healthy, trustworthy individuals instead.