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According to the FTC, the reports of these online scams have nearly tripled in the past years, and in 2019 alone victims lost around $201 million from being swindled by their cyber sweetheart. In a study of young women seeking family planning services, 53% of young women reported experiencing physical or sexual partner violence. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , one in four adolescents reports verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse from a dating partner. This document presents information about dating violence, the types of dating abuse, its effect, and prevalence of dating violence in both heterosexual and LGBT relationships. The document also presents suggestions for dating violence prevention programs. 57% of college students who report experiencing dating violence and abuse said it occurred in college.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important statistics starting with the big picture first. One of the most asked questions about online dating is exactly what online daters are looking for. If you ask anyone, they’re most likely just going to give you anecdotal evidence based on their personal choices and experiences. Well, thanks to online dating statistics and cold hard facts, we can show that is just not the case. But it is not an overwhelming majority like most people tend to believe that it is.

The rise of the smart phone took internet dating off the desktop and put it in everyone’s pocket, all the time. 45% of American online dating users say that the experience has left them feeling frustrated. While there seems to be a common belief that romantic relationships that began online don’t last, numerous online dating success stories prove the opposite. There’s also evidence that people who meet online and later get married are less likely to separate or divorce within the first year of marriage.

More than half (51.1%) of female victims of rape reported being raped by an intimate partner; 40.8% reported being raped by an acquaintance. From 1994 to 2010, approximately 4 in 5 victims of intimate partner violence were female. Nearly 3 in 10 women (29%) and 1 in 10 men (10%) in the US have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by a partner and reported it having a related impact on their functioning. Sonia Hausen, a graduate student in sociology, was a co-author of the paper and contributed to the research. Trends also point to dating apps offering more data protection features in the future. Blockchain technology, for instance, poses great potential in ensuring that online dating users’ data remains safe.

Almost half of the people using online dating apps are looking for something that ends with a ring. Regarding overall dating site usage statistics, there are two key things we want to look at. First, 19% of all internet users say they are currently using an online dating site or app.

9.4% of high school students reported being hit, slapped, or physically hurt intentionally by their partner in the previous 12 months. According to the US Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect, domestic violence may be the single major precursor to fatalities from child abuse and neglect in the US. The most common stalking tactic experienced by both female (78.8%) and male (75.9%) victims of stalking was repeated unwanted phone calls, voice, or text messages.