Online Dating Websites | Free or Paid

The decision about whether or not to pay a subscription fee to an online dating service is very much a personal decision.

The most important consideration is what type of access to dating profiles is the individual looking to secure.

If an individual is looking for full access to all the services offered by an online dating site, they will most likely need to pay a subscription fee.

The Real Cost

It is important to remember that while many sites offer free access, that access is usually limited to viewing abbreviated profiles and a few pictures.

For subscriptions, prices range from $10-$60 a month depending on the site. The more popular sites average about $25 per month.

Multiple month subscriptions usually lower the average monthly cost by as much as 40% per month.

If someone chooses to pay for a site’s services, it is recommended that they subscribe for only one month the first time. If everything meets expectations, a multiple month commitment then makes sense.

Advantages of Free Service

For someone new to online dating world, it is probably best to just register and get use to viewing profiles. They should spend sometime getting use to how things work within the site they have chosen.

If they aren’t comfortable with the first site, they have no investment which makes it easier to try another site.

Advantages of a Paid Subscription

Once a client has found the appropriate site, a subscription gives direct access to other members via email and chatting. Ultimately, that is the feature people pay to obtain.

It makes no sense to view an interesting profile with no way of communicating with the prospective mate.